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About Me

Hi, I'm Topaz! I'm an writer, digital marketer and traveler from Colorado, USA.


I'm a world traveler who has visited 23 countries over the past 8 years. I enjoy visiting unconventional places and encouraging my readers to do the same. I am a conscious traveler that values a local experience over a tourist experience. Read how I travel with a focus on local and authentic experiences in my blog.

I'm a freelance digital marketer, copywriter and content strategist. I write and create content in the health, wellness, cruelty-free, travel, DEI, and tech industries.

I'm a working artist who enjoys creating poetry, painting and performing with my book, My Mind's Eye: Poetry and Visual Art on Social Justice, Philosophy and Identity.  I have been a creative writer for over a decade and have performed at venues all over the world; from The Netherlands to Costa Rica. I create poetry videos that combine my love for marketing, visual art and poetry on my Youtube and in the Video section of my blog. Be sure to check out my Poetry page.


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