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Poetry & Visual Art

I'm a traveling poet, published author and visual artist. My new poetry book, My Mind's Eye: Poetry & Visual Art on Social Justice, Philsophy and Identity was released in Nov. 2018 on Amazon.

My art is mostly about my life and how I experience the world. I pair my poetry and painting to create a deeper and more interactive experience with my artwork. My paintings come from the deepest part of my soul. I do not paint unless I am feeling the depths of despair, sadness or anger. In other words, when I hit my low, I paint. 


My poetry on the other hand is more of a representation of my everyday life. I speak about self-love, queerness, travel, relationships, and social justice in my poetry. I write to share my thoughts about the world in a productive place. 


Look around and check out what I've created for you.


If you are interested in any of my artwork, you can find all of my paintings and poetry in my newest book, My Mind's Eye: Poetry & Visual Art on Social Justice, Philosophy and Identity (now on Amazon or in my shop).


If you would like a commissioned piece (paintings and/or poetry), you can contact me at:

Poetry Book

About My Mind's Eye: Poetry & Visual Art on Social Justice, Philosophy & Identity:


My Mind's Eye is an interdisciplinary book filled with vivid, original artwork and beautifully written poetry. The book weaves original paintings throughout the pages which adds to the depth and meaning of the poetry. The poems themselves are written on topics of social justice, philosophy, and identity. The author identifies as a queer, woman of color who has seen her fair share of injustice. She writes vivid and imaginative poetry that leads the reader through the author's experience. She touches on growing up in a queer friendly household, life as a person of color at a predominately white college, philosophy on world injustice, love and heartbreak, and her journey as an artist and entrepreneur. This poetry book is a unique set of works unlike any you have experienced before. 

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